What we do

We offer training and support for individuals and companies who want to tell their stories better. Human beings are natural storytellers, but that doesn’t mean we’re all expert storytellers. PDC explain the rules, share the tips and provide the templates to improve your presentation and communication skills.

Why storytelling

Human beings are natural storytellers. What happens if we bring these skills to work with us. What if we leave behind the technical jargon and made being understood our priority? What if we took the time to turn sales chats into meaningful relationships? You can do it all by being a better business storyteller.

For companies

Storytelling training will help develop confidence in your teams, enabling your people to develop their presentation skills, explain complex subjects with ease, and build more meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients. PDC offers classroom and virtual training for all levels – beginner to expert – as well as bespoke coaching to ensure your next generation of leaders are ready to take the stage.

For individuals

Does the idea of presenting to the board make you sweat? Is PowerPoint your nemesis? Do you find that people just don’t understand what it is you’re trying to say? PDC has a range of individual training and coaching options to help you. Whether it’s learning how to apply lessons from Hollywood to talking to clients or wanting an extra bit of support with that big conference or work presentation, we’re here to help.


  • How to listen well
    “You have two ears and one mouth – so you should listen twice as much as you speak.”
  • Apply a simple structure to tighten up your anecdotes
    There are many reasons why you might share a story in a meeting at work – perhaps it’s a great analogy for the problem you’re tackling, or maybe you want to talk about how you dealt with similar problems in the past. Whatever story you choose to tell – be aware that you’ve only got … Read more

Who we work with


The [half day training course] was exactly what I had been looking for. The session was very interactive and the colleagues enjoyed it very much. Everyone was engaged and participated. … Read more

Florian Stoesser, Finance Director Rolling Stock & Customer Services, Siemens Siemens

Hari recently facilitated a bespoke online training session for us combining the Introductory Storytelling for Business and the 60 minute Virtual Presentation Know How webinar – she was fantastic! Hari … Read more

Lisa May, Client Services, Emex