Storytelling for business – introductory course

Do you struggle in meetings? Have difficulty explaining things or connecting with colleagues? Do you wish you could be a better public speaker?

Storytelling can help. Join our introductory Storytelling for Business course to learn why storytelling can help you at work, how to tell a story and which stories to tell. This two hour class will help you take one of your personal stories, break it down and make it better via interactive exercises and activities.

This is an open access session of a course we generally run for businesses. If you’ve been curious about what we do, this is a great chance to experience it for yourself!

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How to use personal stories at work

Learn how to tell a story, which stories are useful, and which stories might be a step too far in this practical webinar from storytelling coaches at Patience Davies Consulting.

In this webinar we will explain how to use a basic story structure, how to make a good story great and how to capture these stories in an anecdote library for future use.

This is a practical webinar that will let you tap into and use a vastly useful resource – your own past experiences.

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Why telling a story is the first step to increasing productivity

There is one small thing that will make all your meetings, training sessions and presentations easier and more engaging. Most good team facilitators and leaders, no matter what industry they work in, will do this already, they just may not recognise it.

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