Hari Patience-Davies shares how taking two minutes to hold a power pose can have a real impact on your confidence.

Did you know that changing your posture for two minutes can make a real difference to your confidence and performance? Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk explains how:

But if you’re not in the mood for an 18 minute video or looking for the TL:DR, let me explain it. Standing in a high power pose – such as the Wonder Woman pose (legs hip width apart, hands on hips, shoulders back, chin lifted) for 2 minutes is proven to have a real impact on your confidence level, and your performance in any subsequent stressful event.

This is because our body language, as well as reflecting our emotional state, can also impact how we feel. Standing in the Wonder Woman pose boosts testosterone and reduces cortisol – hormones that have a direct influence on how we feel and how we act.

That’s not to say you should stand up like Wonder Women while speaking on stage or being interviewed for a job – instead find 2 minutes before you enter into those stressful situations, find a bit a privacy and hold the pose.

I do this before every class I teach – in fact I combine it with 5 by 5 breathing to ensure I’m calming my anxiety along with boosting my confidence. It’s become my ritual for reducing the stage fright and anxiety I feel – and it works.

So if you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming meeting or presentation, take the time to hold a high power pose like the Wonder Woman, and see if it can help.



Photo by Mike van Schoonderwalt from Pexels

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